Our Mission

 Hello Yerba Soap & Co. Family,

As a proud designer and artisan, our vision is to bring the community together through the appreciation of natural, detergent-free, designer soaps, and vegan cosmetics. The essence of our business comes from five values. Research, Design, Community, Yerba, and our Mission to be “Natural x Siempre”.

“Natural x Siempre” is our Mission. We are Local, Faith & Family Driven. We take pride in our artisan, natural, and detergent-free soaps as an alternative to traditional synthetic detergent soaps. Our soaps and cosmetics are derived from natural, organic ingredients, plant-based oils, real fruit, roots, herbs, and essential oils to cleanse the skin while uplifting your mood as part of your skincare routine.

Design is involved in every element of our business. I am proud to design and create everything from marketing material to booth presentations to product collections to final products to packaging. What gets my excitement is designing the collections that change each season and then meeting our customers. Along the way, I have learned to Level Up, Own It, Be Confident, and Get the Job Done! The essence of our business comes from Research, Design, Community, and our Mission to be “Natural x Siempre”.

Thank you for your support.


Roxana Torres, Founder of Yerba Soap & Co. LLC