We have a collaboration with Urban South Brewery located in Houston, Texas. Each month we create a new soap inspired by the taste and our experience of this good beer! Urban South Brewery mission is to inspire community and fellowship through the gospel of good beer. The beers at Urban South Beers are nothing less than bold and amazing.

We make beer soap without the alcohol, but rich in Super Foods. Beer Soap contains good benefits to the skin such as: 

  • Hop is an ingredient in beer that is rich in amino acids. This means that the beer Soap will soothe irritated skin and redness! 
  • Beer Soap helps with acne, dry skin, and flaky, irritated skin! 

  • Real Fruit: Fruit Punch for the skin that contains natural antioxidants and antibacterial properties to clear, cleanse, and moisturize the skin! 

  • Give this collection a chance, you will love it! 

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