Embrace Yerba Collection

I started Yerba Soap & Co. In 2020. Since then I have been on a journey to find myself and build the brand Yerba!
I love Yerba So Much! Yerba is more than a skincare and beauty brand. We curate empowering experiences! 

Embrace Yerba Collection is about embracing exactly where you are and making yourself the greatest! Even when each day is filled with distraction, stress, work, anxiety, the one thing that should not change is the love that you have for yourself and staying focused! 

If you ask me, the shower is my sanctuary. Handle all your communication with me before I enter the shower because  I don’t want any interruptions when I’m in the shower or in bath time. No yelling, no questions, no talking. It’s my time. I rejuvenate, think, empower myself, feel inspired, in the shower! I took this experience and created the Embrace Yerba Collection with that intent! 

I took a while to create a new collection. I wanted to create a collection that has “More” Yerba from the contents of ingredients and the way it smells! Rest assured that the Embrace Yerba smells like fresh herbs and will offer the best sensational experience to help ease stress, uplift mood, cleanse, and exfoliate.  

Detergent Free Soap, Effective Skincare, High Quality Yerba Soap Shower Experience From Scent, Touch, Feel, and Real Ingredients! 

Cheers and Let’s Embrace Yerba Together! I will continue to work hard and give Yerba Soap & Co. As a whole my all! 

-Roxana Torres, Founder, Owner of Yerba Soap & Co. LLC